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Actors Inequity: Support the Art - Support the Actor

Actors' Inequity was founded to provide free and affordable resources to unpaid/underpaid actors. More than 500 members from four countries and a dozen U.S. states have joined Actors' Inequity; making the statement, "I care about the arts - and I have a day job."

We have re-branded Actors' Inequity as Fofth Folio and have launched a new website focusing on theatre marketing - and all aspects of show promotion, theater development and all things that will help your theatre grow and get butts inthe seats... without an audience, you're just talking to yourself...
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You too can carry the much-cherished "Inequity Card" and wear the "Inequity Pin," showing other arts lovers that you once had $5 to toss around like Aldonza. Most importantly, you'll be funding resources for actors who have yet to chuck it all and "go pro."

Give Your friends a Membership

If you know a performer or a lover of the arts, give them a membership to a fun, fast-growing organization...and one to Actors' Inequity!

Actors' Inequity:
performing because we love it ... and we got the role

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