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About Actors Inequity

Actors' Inequity was formed to provide non-paid and non-union performers* a way to say, "I'm inequity." Beyond the ever-swelling pride A.I. members feel in their guts, our organization provides an always growing list of resources to help you hone your craft and, possibly, eventually, one day, carry a more equitable (and vastly more expensive) organization's card around in your wallet.

*For those of you who have issues with folks performing for no pay, please understand what we mean by "unpaid performer." The way we see it, there are 3 basic types of performers:

1. Union Performers - These are the folks who join the union and do their best to make a living performing. Their pay scale is pre-set and they see being asked to act for free as something worse than someone going to a dinner party and asking the host, who happens to be a doctor, to take a look at the rash on their bum. We don't blame them for being protective of offering their talent for money - it's how they make a living! Bravo/Brava to them!

2. Non-union Performers - These people try to get paid for everything they do, but occasionally might take a job "for experience," a slippery slope which we agree with our friends at GotPay, "If money is made, the talent gets paid!" They may also dabble in community theater or other related, unpaid venues (which is groovy, as long as no company or individual is making money off of them)! Many non-union performers have "day jobs," to pay their bills. They supplement their income with acting. These folks don't have a support network like a union - here's where Actors' Inequity steps in! We want to be your resource for getting more gigs! This is why we offer resume examples and other useful links. We want to hear from you!

3. The Unpaid Performer - These performers show off their talent for the sheer joy of acting. While they may occasionally, foolishly, take no pay for a job where the folks at the top are making a profit, they mostly enjoy performing for community theaters, on public access television or in other public venues. These folks have other sources of income and just want to keep up their chops - possibly between occasional paid gigs. Actors' Inequity is an excellent resource for these people as well, as it provides stuff to help them grow and possibly get a paid gig. It also helps theaters look more professional and promote their shows!

A Little History

Sometime, in a blurry corner of 2007, I sat in a clean, well-lit bar with my friend, Kevin "Spike," "George Spelvin" Derrick. Per his urging, I was nursing myself back to health with a fermented tincture of barley, hops, water and yeast after a rather grueling run of "Don't Hug Me," which was performed with an Equity theater in Hudson, Ohio.

For some reason, even though there were only five people in the ensemble, this theater didn't find it necessary to put my name in any press releases (even after some excellent reviews). Well, nevertheless, I was rambling on about something when Spike chimed in, "is there an Actor's Inequity?"

That got me thinking and eventually led to the founding of "Actors' Inequity," a site for the unpaid/underpaid actors, dancers, singers, technicians and audience members of the world.

Your Actors' Inequity membership helps fund new resources, new ideas and a foundation of fun for theatre lovers to enjoy for years to come! Please join us in a great future.

Actors' Inequity
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