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Maria's Theater Blog by Maria Knapp on About.com

"Actors' Inequity is an entertaining website, created by Brian Diehl, dedicated to non-union and unpaid performers. This delightful spoof of Actors' Equity is fun to explore. I am also thinking about purchasing membership for several of my non-professional acting friends so they can say they're 'Inequity'."

New York Post

We're sure that Actors' Inequity will soon be recognized by the New York Post (a fine publication). But, at this point, they haven't written anything like, "Actors' Inequity is a must-have membership for any theater lover, aspiring actor or non-union pro."

New York Times Theater Section

The New York Times will, hopefully, soon, some day, read their press releases and decide to print something about Actors' Inequity, one of the fastest growing theater organizations in the world. With any luck, they'll say things like, "Brilliant!" "A Must-have membership!" "An Inequity Card is the thing to carry!"

Plain Dealer

The Plain Dealer's theater section is virtually non-existent; very embarassing for northeast Ohio - especially for Cleveland, a city that is home to one of the largest entertainment complexes in the nation, Playhouse Square.

Chicago Tribune Theater Section

The Windy City is ready for Actors' Inequity; that's why many Chicago-area bloggers are talking about it! So, all we have to do is wait for the Trib to realize what they've been missing and write about it!

L.A. Times Theater Section

L.A. is filled with actors who could use the support and humor that Actors' Inequity offers. The "Inequity Card" is fun to show off at auditions, rehearsals and area bars... so, what's up with the L.A. Times not printing a teensy-weensie little article about us?


The free and affordable resources offered by Actors' Inequity can help get an actor, or a theater off the ground. So, it looks like we'd better start bugging Variety to print a blurb about "Actors' Inequity!"


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