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“Thank you A.I.  Now I know there is somebody out there who likes me—who really likes me!  Even if it did cost me five bucks!”
- K.H. Aurora, OH

"Actors Inequity validated me!"
- E.O. Lakewood, OH

“I don’t need a card to tell me I’ve got talent, but it helps to tell others!”
- C.W. County Mayo, Ireland

“I don’t care what my psychotherapist says, this is a much cheaper way to build my self esteem!”
- J.M. Princeton, NJ

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Prop Shelf

Free Signs

Click here to view our selection of FREE signs for your theater lobby or backstage. If you have suggestions for new sign designs, contact us!. The signs are in PDF format, so get a free PDF reader.

Show Logos

Click here to see our collection of show graphics that your theater can use on your show posters, programs, web sites and t-shirts for just $35 a run! Most art is available in both vector and high-resolution raster formats that your local print shop will understand and appreciate! Of course, on the real logos, you won't have that HUGE A.I. logo.

Other Graphics and Props

Looking to take the next step toward having a more professional-looking theater? Thinknik design can put together Branding, Positioning and Graphics to help take your organization to the next level. Contact: bdieh@thinknik.com to discuss your needs, or visit www.thinknik.com to see what you're missing! Thinknik offers reduced rates for 501(c)(3) orgs!


Actors' Inequity
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